A. Kattaryna Breaux was born March 30, 1970 and dropped by her mother twice when she was a year old. To avoid further brain damage, she left home by age fourteen to live on her own. Kattaryna forever found herself mesmerized by fellow artists and from time to time, she ran away with them. She tried desperately to find a job but everyone knew she had been dropped on her head as an infant and was damaged goods. Eventually, Kattaryna launched SleepyDirt Photography, offering anything but typical style. The business adhered to Katt's time-worn philosophy was: "If my parents will like it, I won't shoot it." Everything was going fine until March 1, 2004 when Kattaryna exclaimed “I really don’t feel good. Maybe you should take me to the hospital.” After several hours at the emergency room she was told “There’s something bad going on in your abdomen… cancer or a tumor!” Her ultimate diagnosis was stage four pancreatic cancer and three months, three weeks and six days later she was gone. Fortunately, Kattaryna left a beautiful chronicle of her professional life and work for us to enjoy.